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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2011-03-01

Looking back at what has happened; in a year, in Zimbabwe, in ministry; leaves one lasting impression, which is confirmation that despite the ‘Zim situation’, despite our fallen nature and despite our agenda, God is in control and will work out His purpose. 

Shalom Children’s Home has been in our possession since December 2007 and yet we still await the final permission and registration to look after children. Whilst on occasion this seems disastrous, especially when earlier this year we had to quickly arrange to have the team foster the children already placed in our care or they would have been removed, and whilst we are still paying out for the upkeep of the house, we really can and have seen God at work.  Moving the children into small nuclear families has seen them grow in their self confidence and security and confirmed in us that at least one child needs to stay in the family unit rather than in the home when we do get the permission.  Through the delays at Social Welfare we have seen a different Officer appointed to The Michael Project who Rephat had the opportunity to minister to and who subsequently gave her life to the Lord. We have seen the development of the pre-school to reach out to the wider community near the church which wouldn’t have happened had we received permission straight away.  We have seen the team look deep inside themselves and learn and grow in God as they seek His will and His permission to get registration.   

As any parents, we are growing with our children and learning what is best for them as we go along.  It was exciting therefore in 2010 when we were approached by a Christian Learning Academy and offered the opportunity of putting three children from Shalom through the ACE learning programme. With their hugely disrupted schooling to-date they were far behind in their education and so the opportunity to work at their own pace and level is an enormous benefit. We are really hoping to expand the school in 2011 but during 2010 Clayton (in newly prescribed glasses)and Tinashe improved enormously in all areas of study and are thriving. Because of these developments our staff has expanded to include Tecla (who started with us as a volunteer)and Sheilla who are both great assets to the team and great educators for our children.

Our team’s knowledge has been expanded in different ways during the year with everyone attending a Foundation for Health course specialising in primary health care through the use of natural medicines.  The men on the team expanded their building skills as they embarked on building the chicken sheds for the Chicken Project.  And our only male teacher completed his training with OASIS this year, quoted as the best and most committed teacher to have attended the course.  

Rephat was very involved in bringing ALPHA to Chikurubi Prison in 2010 and saw a number of women give their lives to the Lord through this powerful teaching.  

Visitors to The Michael Project were numerous during the year and brought with them encouragement, enthusiasm, humour and chocolate – all well received :)

We look to the coming year with the same encouragement, enthusiasm, humour and hopefully mountains of chocolate and are really believing God for a breakthrough for Shalom both in terms of the registration and in the lives of the individual children.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us in this great adventure of God’s.

For a look at 2010 in pictures, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g6WQy7jfBQ&tracker=False

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