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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2010-11-10

We have setup the Shalom Learning Centre in conjuction with Siloam Academy to teach the children from Shalom Home using the ACE programme. This programme follows a Christian curriculum which is tailored to the needs and abilities of individual children.  By being able to work at his own pace and take breaks at regular intervals, Clayton,who has missed much of his school life due to ill health, is improving weekly and with his newly acquired glasses is very much enjoying reading and writing.  Our teachers are still 'learning the ropes' with this new system but so far we have seen great benefits from this venture.  The school operates out of Greystone Park Christian Fellowship church.

Another new proposal on the horizon is to open the doors of the small pre-school that we have been operating at the church for the Shalom children, to the wider community.  This will enable the Shalom children to interact with other children and also introduce these children to the Gospel.  We are pursing registration and it is anticipated that we will be opening the doors in January.

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