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Siabuwa Community
The Zambezi Valley is home to the Tonga, often referred to as the 'forgotten people'. Siabuwa is a rural community in this valley, 100km from Binga, where the effects of drought, famine and disease are evident. Operation Mobilisation (OM) has established a mobile clinic in Siabuwa, and the Michael Project is currently building relationships with this community.

Working with OM, we have submitted an application to the rural council, to establish a pre-school  in Siabuwa, alongside an OM base and community centre. As with the Binga Communities, we shall work alongside the local church to address the needs of the children at risk in Siabuwa, through the training of local volunteers and the encouragement of self help projects.

Nyasha, at 8-years-old, became the head of his family after his mother died from AIDS. His father left to seek employment in Zambia four years ago and has not been seen or heard of since. For almost a year, Nyasha was spending his time stealing, begging and scavenging for food to sustain himself and two younger sisters, the youngest of which is very ill. The Michael Project is working with this community to ensure that Nyasha and his sisters are provided with shelter, clothing, food and medical care. This security has meant that Nyasha has now started school, for the first time in his life.